Part of the nature’s repertoire, these stones are exceptional raw masterpieces, admired and appreciated since ancient times, been classified by their gems under the renowned name of semi-precious stones.

Created in nature’s mysterious laboratories, over many thousands of years, these stones are just one of the sources forms where the absolute beauty originated. Their structure is a perfect architecture of small crystals coming in an infinite array of colors and depths.

These semiprecious stones expressing the essence of elegance, class and beauty, are the ultimate touch of perfection for any interior, from classic to modern, from romantic to contemporary… Touches of gold and silver, a large choice of textures and colors expand and enhance their ability to fit any interior or design. We can create unique, exclusive pieces with any dimensions and also a variety of applications including kitchen & bathroom surfaces, work surfaces, counter tops, floors, walls, furniture, special features and more.

Semi-Precious Gallery

quartz white backlit decorative wall
quartz white floor tiles
quartz white with silver + agate umbra living
Immagini 1206
Immagini 1206
Immagini 1206
quartz yellow with amonites decorative wall
tiger eye gold for outdoor jacuzzi
smokey quartz mediu fireplace backlit
Immagini 1206
Immagini 1206